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Custom, High-powered Nerf Blasters

We don't just care about blasters.

We care about you out-shooting everyone else 🙂

  • 6000+ happy customers

  • 1,000,000+ shots fired

  • 24+ unique designs available.

  • Countless hours of epic fun

How It Works

1. Choose your blaster

2. Customize your blaster

3. Enjoy the look on your friends' faces.

Emmanuel Alers
Emmanuel Alers
Spring Thunder
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The spring thunder is amazing and the prime on it is so clean for a 3D print. The parts give a nice aesthetic look both on color and shroud. Highly recommend any one looking for there first shell ejecting blaster (highly customizable) because 1 the quality of the product is there, 2 the functionality of a clean prime makes for great gameplay and 3 the details on the blaster are on point. If you're looking for sturdy and reliable this is it. 5 stars to Frontline Foam and its team.
In Response to Email
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I am surprised if not in awe that you guys make that kind of effort...especially these days. I am very grateful!!
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  1. J

    Works great. I am new into printed nerf guns. This is the first custom nerf gun I have tried. I chose 150 fps which is to powerful for inside my house. Super awesome for outside. I am happy with what I received. If you plan on using the blaster inside a house probably go with 130 fps. Front line always replied if I had a question. I am definitely going to buy another blaster with lower fps. I have no complaints on print quality. Full auto works perfectly. Blaster is a bit loud.

About us

Frontline Foam has been in the foam blaster business for over 15 years. Since its inception, balancing speed, quality, and efficiency has been the aim of FLF and principles of manufacturing, mechanical engineering have been utilized such as Six Sigma, LEAN, and self-taught design and production techniques. From the days of old fashioned Snapbows and Rainbows, FLF has always viewed foam flinging as a hobby and as demand for custom, high quality products has increased, the hobby has transformed into a business. Our aim is to make high powered foam flinging more accessible and to be on the frontline of foam blaster innovation.