Our Story

Frontline Foam is basically a nerf hobby grown out-of-control. We started with basic blaster modifications in 2009, but soon grew to build complete, homemade blasters.

Now, in collaboration with various designers, we’ve been building and selling blasters for nearly 10 years. Our aim has always been to make nerf—especially homemade blasters—more accessible and available.


How Your Orders Get Built

You place an order on the website. We receive it in the shop and generate production sheets based on the custom parts and colors you’ve selected.

If you order something with printed parts, your order is cued on our cloud-based print management software and send to our 3D printer farm.

Parts are then printed by order date. After your order is done printing, it moves on to post-processing, assembly, testing, and finally packaging.

If you order only hardware, we start making your order immediately in the shop. These orders are put together from our stored inventory or components are custom made in house.

After orders are packed, double-checked, and sealed, we generate shipping labels and customs information. Then it’s on the way to your door 🙂


Derrikk Sun

Derrikk started out as a Nerf hobbyist and enthusiast in the early 2000s, with nerf wars around the house and backyard. Modifying blasters grew into building full blasters out of PVC and sharing them on online to nerf forums and communities. What started as commissions every other week eventually grew into a full-fledged company, known as Frontline Foam.

Stuart Ward

If you ordered a fully-assembled blaster, chances are it was built by Stuart. As head of assembly, Stuart’s been building homemade blasters at the rate of over a blaster a day for the past year and a half. Currently enrolled in flight school as well as studying mechanical engineering. You might hear his voice on Frontline Foam build guides. Also a great shot and an aggressive nerfer.

Royce Berube

Finance extraordinaire with a flare for spreadsheets, Royce is known as our “numbers guy.” Between business school, family, and other projects, Royce takes care of finances, budget, expenses, and collaborates about company expansion. Our favorite quote from Royce might as well be, “I love spreadsheets. Not as much as nerf, but close.”

Susie Hofheins

If we release a new blaster, Susie makes sure you know about it, with all the social media blaster spam you can handle. Susie is finishing her BA at Brigham Young University, but her true passion is equally divided between entrepreneurship and potato chips.

Asa Debuck

Asa is studying Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University, but we’re trying to convince him that his real dream is to be a nerfer/machinist full time for the rest of his life. Most of the day, you’ll see Asa turning your aluminum and acetal blaster internals on the lathe, or else clearing the fridge of soda. Fun fact about Asa—all he needs to do to be in a Hallmark movie is wear a sweater. 

Parker is studying manufacturing engineering with an endgame goal of product design. He says he’s mistaken for being boring, but is actually just board. He likes to snowboard, wakeboard, skimboard, surf, and skateboard a little. Parker endeavors to build myself as much as he builds the stuff we sell. Parker has also perfected the art of running to doorways.

Mandy is a gal of many talents, from playing the cello to raising baby bunnies. Mandy recently returned from an ecclesiastical excursion to Washington State. Mandy is in charge of making sure your orders arrive on your doorstep. Mandy enjoys biking, mountain running, and hanging out with her favorite sister.