Affiliate Registration Details

Congratulations on becoming a Frontline Foam Affiliate!

Below are the specifics on commissions, sample blasters, payments and more. 


You’ve qualified to receive a 3% commission on all sales attributed to click of your unique links. 

Where are my unique links? 

You can generate your own links in under “links” in the Affilate Portal. 

Simply login with your credentials you created at registration, navigate to “links,” and generate the link for the page you’d like of the Frontline Foam website. 

You are responsible to ensure that your links are accurate and working. 

Please reach out if you’d like us to confirm on this end! 

What are the specifics of the commissions? 

You earn 3% on all sales attributed to your link click within 14 days of the click. 

You earn 3% on all sales of new customers within 30 days of the click. 

When do I get paid? 

All affiliates are paid at the end of each month. You’ll receive payment via PayPal unless otherwise indicated. 

Sample Products

Sample products are available for free or a discounted rate for all affiliates based on their following. 

Below is a general guideline, but sample products can also be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

0-15k Followers: 10% OFF

15-40k Followers: 50% OFF

40K+ Followers: 70% OFF

Price of the blaster is deducted from commissions. 

–Again, sample products can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

New Product Early Access

As an affiliate, you’ll be notified early about new blaster releases, and potentially offered a sample of the blaster for review. 


Affiliate program details, commission rates, and policies are subject to change. This is a fairly new thing we’re doing, so please keep in mind that the project is likely to evolve. 

Login to your affiliate portal anytime to track link clicks & commissions

Spring Thunder Nerf Shotgun


All policies above are subject to change.