August Recap and New Releases

We keep busy in the shop. We’re first and foremost a machine shop and we’re constantly practicing the manufacturing “process of continual improvement” strategy.

Here’s a few of the things you may have missed:

Last Month’s Releases/Projects

– Selectfire and Variable Power/Rate of Fire Gryphon

– Worker, ZWQ, and Rekt restock (Harrier, Fullauto Nightingale, Viper, Jury)

Gameplay footage from fielding the Sweetheart Storm for the first time

– Attending Armageddon 2023 (largest high FPS event on the West Coast)

– Frontline Foam is now the exclusive go-to for Zinc 2.0 Hardware

New products and accessories from Worker, XYL (Unicorn), new spring options, and more

– Zuru X-Shot Longshot upgrade parts (Plunger Tube, Barrel, Muzzle, Spring, Slings, Sights, Foregrips, etc)

– More Anodizing!

Things to look forward to in August…

– Custom CNC cages, full metal BCARs, and more

– Arrival of the first batch of Sweetheart Storms

40 MAX Gas Canister restock. Sign up to get notified.

– Party Popper?!?!?

– The MultiTool (Modular Homemade. Think Star Wars DC-17m ICWS?)

We’re most excited for the Sweetheart Storm. Batch #1’s ETA is end of August which is sold out. Batch #2’s ETA is end of September with several more Blue and Green available, but more Red is already sold out of batch #2 and more will have to wait until batch #3.

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