August Update on the Diana + Overview Video

Here is the most recent update from HareTech and other interested parties. Videos at the bottom.

How To Get One / Lead Time

Haretech said the Diana is not yet ready for large international export. They’re done batches within China and Singapore, but overseas batches won’t be available until maybe the end of the year. This is of course “unofficial” and could be subject to change.

It IS possible to get one by paying around $350 USD from such China or Singapore distributors, but getting one in the Western world at a good price is difficult due to complications such as politics in China and its relation to the vassel states that export in addition to exchange is a hard margin because of the trade difference in our currency. The price of goods has a huge tax on it after the trade war with China. Both sides were posturing for control over the Democracy of Taiwan, the straight around it became a posturing position for the navy of both sides, so the export business became strict. Chinese import trades are hyper scruitinized after they discovered all kinds of spyware infesting electronic goods that came over, and then Fentinol was discovered coming over so the laws around Chinese imports have tightened up. The reality of the market is that its changing, but the silver lining is the technology of blasters is also improving. The evolutionary pressures of the market on the consumer is going to cause the price and scale of nerf to either increase or deflate.

So HC (HareTech) is looking to exhaust the Eastern market first, before opening up to the Western market and that should both increase availability and decrease price.

Update: We've been able to procure a small batch of the Diana to import to test the US market! Pre-orders open to the public Sep 19th!

On to the Blaster Itself...

The Diana is designed to be a low power primary, or CQB secondary.

~145 FPS performance

Blaster has a “Hyper” mode which keeps the flywheels on a stand-by mode.

Brushless motors for super fast rev up on “Hyper” or “Idle” mode

Selectfire with Full, Semi, and 2 or 3 Round Burst modes

900 RPM on full auto (15 Darts per Second)

Custom fit Diana holster available that has an option for a built in switch that automatically turns the Diana on when removed from the holster.

Very compact pistol size

Simplified design for reliability, easy to use and easy to program

Automatic battery detection and low battery warning

Solid Nylon Body

Runs off 3s or 4s Lipo battery

Back-lit front iron sight post which flashes to indicate incompatible battery or low battery life.

Compatible with Worker Nightingale Magazines (quick mod required to mags)

Very quiet for a flywheeler

Diana Blaster Overview

Diana Compatible with Worker Nightingale Magazines?

How to Quickly Reprogram Diana for Burst Fire

First Look Gameplay

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