Printed blasters can be very different than normal blasters, so please review this video before firing

Lepus not recommended for children under 14 years old. 

#1: Check to make sure nothing was damaged in shipping

Sometimes blasters require a slight adjustment depending on how they arrive. If you notice any cracked parts or dislodged parts, don’t fire until you’ve put them back. 

Always email us with any questions! We replace anything damaged in shipping. 


#2: Stop firing IMMEDIATELY if no dart comes out

If no dart comes out of the blaster, you might think that pulling the trigger harder and longer will help. 


Stop firing immediately! 

If not dart comes out, it’s probably because you have a jam. 

Clear the jam, then continue firing 🙂

*If you continue to fire without first clearing the jam, you risk blowing out the motors*

How to clear a jam the easy way:

Remove the magazine. 

Look down the barrel or up the magwell to see if you can see a jammed dart. 

If so, poke the dart out with a stick or other slender object by inserting the stick or object down the barrel from the front. 

The squished dart should fall out the magwell. 

You’re good to go! 

#3: Get used to the trigger buttons before firing

The Lepus has 2 trigger buttons. The bottom button revvs the flywheels, the top one fires the darts. 

How to fire your Lepus

  1. Load a magazine
  2. Push the bottom button. Once you hear the motors spin up…
  3. Push the top button at the same time to fire darts. 

Do not put the top button without pushing the bottom button first

*If you push the top button before the bottom button, you risk blowing out your motors*

#4: How to Charge a Lipo Battery

#5: Have a TON of fun

The Lepus BLOWS people’s minds. Enjoy the look on your friend’s faces 😀

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