Before your fire your viper, read this!

#1 Practice Firing

The Viper uses a single-stage trigger to activate the flywheels, fire a dart, and rotate the cylinder. 

First, pull the trigger slightly to allow the wheels to spin up, then deliberately pull the trigger the rest of the way to fire the dart. Finally, quickly release the trigger to reset the cylinder.

*The firing cycle is unique and might take some getting used to.

#2: Practice Reloading

To load a cylinder, pull down on the cylinder release with your thumb. Place the cylinder in the blaster. Then, flick your wrist to relatch the cylinder catch. 

#3: Install the Battery

The battery is installed in the the grip. Simply unscrew the screws on the sideplates and connect your battery.


The battery compartment fits a

#4. Use the Correct Darts

The Viper does best with darts whose heads are smaller than their bodies. 

Cut-down adventure force darts do work, but are more likely to jam due to their large head size.

 I recommend Worker darts or something similar. The cylinder may be a slightly tight at first with newer darts.

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