Best Nerf Darts EVER??

I’m tired of dart confetti. 

The high-end Worker Gen3+ darts may finally be the answer.

We’ve seen the Worker Gen3 darts out-perform other dart brands. But even after a few cycles through a high-performance blaster like the M79, you’re reaching for the next box.

So far, Worker Gen3+ Darts (“Gen3 plus” that is) have indeed withstood the M79 big bad dart beater. 

Here’s Bradley Phillips putting the Worker Gen3+ darts through the ringer. (He calls them the Worker Gen2 High-End Darts.) 

The M79 or similar blasters aren’t too rough on the Gen3s at lower dart speeds (200-250FPS), but a tougher dart is a must in the 300FPS+ range. 


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