Blasters that Shoot 300FPS+

High-powered blasters are popular in the hobby. I blame YouTubers like Bradley Philips. 

Lesser-known fact: The Brass Caliburn isn’t the ONLY blaster that can achieve a 300FPS performance. It might be the most popular, but for those looking to push the limits of how fast a foam dart can launch, there are other options as well. 

Full-Length Rainbow Pistol

“Full-length” here refers to the variant of Rainbow, not dart length. 

The full-length barrel is nearly double the length of say, a standard Caliburn barrel. The extra length allows for more air-pressure to launch the dart. 

For maximum power, you’ll want a K14 power spring. 

The Full-Length Rainbow packs a massive, single-shot punch. 

Upgraded, Brass Caliburn

The Brass Caliburn is the most popular 300FPS option in the hobby. 

One of the first Brass Caliburns we made was for Bradley Philips. 

You can check out the exact Bradley Philips config right here

With machined parts, upgraded ram, and a brass barrel, you can often expect a 250-300FPS performance. 

Also, more on that here:

How to Get Top Performance with Brass

HPA Blasters (High-Pressure Air)

If you want the highest FPS reasonably possible, you’ll have to go HPA. 

HPA Blasters are known for their adjustable FPS capability, generally about 150-400FPS possible. 

For more information about HPA, check this out: 

4 Myths about HPA Nerf and How I Debunked Them


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