Blasters that Shoot 300FPS+

Blasters that shoot 300FPS+ are popular in the nerf hobby. And for good reason, because they’re insanely fun.

Upgraded Brass-Barrel Caliburn

The Brass Caliburn is the most popular 300FPS option in the hobby. 

This blaster gets its power from upgraded internal parts, and a brass barrel. 

Also, more on the magic of the brass 
Caliburn here: 

How to Get Top Performance with Brass


Full-Length Rainbow Pistol

“Full-length” here refers to the variant of Rainbow, not dart length. 

The full-length barrel is nearly double the length of say, a standard Caliburn barrel. The extra length allows for more air-pressure to launch the dart. 

For maximum power, you’ll want a K14 power spring. 

The Full-Length Rainbow packs a massive, single-shot punch. 

HPA Blasters (High-Pressure Air)

Now THESE are where it gets really good. 

Those who want the FASTEST dart-flinging known to man go with these blasters. 

They’re HPA powered, meaning that their power comes from a high-pressure air tank like in paintball.  

HPA Blasters are known for their adjustable FPS capability, generally about 150-400FPS possible. 

For more information about HPA, check this out: 

4 Myths about HPA Nerf and How I Debunked Them


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