Blasters that Shoot 300FPS+

Blasters that shoot 300FPS+ are popular in the nerf hobby. And for good reason, because they’re insanely fun. The video above is a bit dated, we’re workign on updating that, but the content below is still tried and true.

Caliburn and C4 (Caliburn 4)

The Caliburn is the most popular 300FPS option in the hobby. 

This blaster gets its power from upgraded internal parts and barrel. 

Also, more on the magic of the brass 
Caliburn here: 

How to Get Top Performance with Brass

Full-Length Rainbow Pistol

“Full-length” here refers to the variant of Rainbow, not dart length. 

The full-length barrel is nearly double the length of say, a standard Caliburn barrel. The extra length allows for more air-pressure to launch the dart. 

For maximum power, you’ll want a K14 power spring. 

The Full-Length Rainbow packs a massive, single-shot punch. 

HPA Blasters (High-Pressure Air)

Now THESE are where it gets really good. 

Those who want the FASTEST dart-flinging known to man go with these blasters. 

They’re HPA powered, meaning that their power comes from a high-pressure air tank like in paintball.  

HPA Blasters are known for their adjustable FPS capability, generally about 150-400FPS possible. 

For more information about HPA, check this out: 

4 Myths about HPA Nerf and How I Debunked Them


Other Newer Releases Hitting 300+ FPS!

The Kirin can hit 300 FPS with a Pro26 Spring

Shell ejecting, bolt-action, and mag fed.

The only high powered shell-ejecting blaster in the world!

The ZWQ Baize

The Baize has a HUGE air volume and can hit 300 FPS with just a 1.4×300 Worker spring. With a stronger 1.6 or 1.7 spring, you’re pushing into the 400 range!

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