How to Get Top Performance with Brass

You want high performance on your springer? You’ll have to go with a brass barrel and other upgrades. 

However, handling a brass setup takes a little extra care. If you’re new to brass or 3D printed blasters in general, these videos will be important for you. 

Top Performance with a Brass Barrel

UPDATED INFORMATION! You can use an aluminum ram instead of brass!

We modified the aluminum ram to not leak anymore. We’ve address this issue by using two o-rings on the ramtip and/or making the o-ring notch taller and/or using a slightly larger o-ring. 

The aluminum ram is also better because it’s more durable than brass. Much less likely to break. You also can get a dogbone upgrade with aluminum and can’t with brass. 


This video goes into more detail about how to get a top performance setup.

Also, I mention how the aluminum pusher doesn’t get as good of air seal as brass. That’s actually not true anymore because we’ve improved it since we shot this video. 

Aluminum pushers with the o-ring notch now perform just as well as the brass pusher. I’d also personally recommend an aluminum pusher over brass because of the dogbone ram. 

Top performance is achieved by a brass barrel, half-length darts, aluminum ram, brass barrel, the right spring load, and machined parts. 

How to Install a Brass Breech

If you’re assembling your own brass Caliburn, here’s an overview of how to do it properly. 

Please comment with any questions! Good luck and happy foam flinging!

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