Bullpup Zinc: Magnesium: Adding more elements to the Nerf periodic table

A compact, top-slide, spring-powered, bullpup style blaster design that packs a punch for its size!

It’s so SMOL, but can hit 100-200+ FPS, for only $150. Any color, and accepts most Zinc add-ons and slides!

Public access open October 31st. Happy Halloween!

Magnesium Features:

– Super compact, solid, sturdy frame design
– Spring-powered, bullpup pistol
– Uses the same hardware as the standard Zinc 2.0
– Same High Power Zinc performance (~100-200+ FPS depending on configuration)
– Pull-to-prime, push-to-load
– Two mag-releases next to both Trigger Guard and Magwell
– Durable Aluminum CNC plunger core
– Designed by “Mags”, a local Utah nerfer
– Has Slam-Fire (holding the trigger down fires a dart each time the slide is returned)
– Can take multiple stock options with the included Nerf stock attachment
– Printed SCAR pre-installed– No need for proprietary magazines

– Compatible with Straight Style Talon Magazines such as the Worker 15-Round Talon Magazine and Worker 10-Round Talon Magazine
– Compatible with most half-length, non-waffle head darts. We recommend Worker Gen3+ Darts (High End)
– Can use Nerf stocks with Stock Attachment

– Custom color configurator can be used to preview your build before you purchase

Magnesium and Zinc
Magnesium and Zinc

Special thank-you to 118 Design for the original Zinc 1.0 & 2.0 design and Mags for the Magnesium Zinc “Variant”. A portion of sales will be paid as royalties.

Public access open October 31st. Happy Halloween!

Overview Video

Custom Color Previewer

Super Duper UBER Compact, but packs a punch!

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