Caliburn Dart and Mag Compatibility

There are many different kinds of nerf darts out there, and each performs slightly differently.

If you know the difference between the main types of darts, you’ll be able to select the ones that will work best for you. 

Darts come in half length or full length sizes.

You’ve probably seen Bradley Phillips shooting half length darts. That’s because half lengths are more accurate and perform more consistently than full-length darts. 

Full-length darts tend to bend in the barrel and also fishtail/swerve in the air when fired. Half-length darts don’t have this problem as often. 

Most serious nerfers use half-length darts exclusively. 

Half-length darts get better performance than full-length darts.

There are various brands of half length darts. For the Caliburn, I’ve seen the Worker Gen3 Darts perform the best. Other brands are good to.

You’ll want to avoid waffle head darts in springer blasters. (Waffle head darts are the green and blue darts in the picture above.) 

The heads of waffle head darts are bigger than their bodies and often rub against the sides of your barrel. This causes waffle head darts to jam often in springer blasters.-

The magwell on your blaster must match the dart type you want.

Caliburns come with these magwell options, as well as Rival and Mega. 

Elite Magwell

Shoots full length darts. You can also get an adapter called a “WildCard” to also shoot half length darts.

(Elite magwell + wildcard is what Bradley Phillips did.)

Talon/Katana Magwell

Shoots half length darts only. This is what I have because I prefer half-length darts exclusively. 

If you’d like the option to use both full length and/or half length darts, then you won’t want this option. 

Wildcard Adapter

If you’d like to shoot half length darts out of your Elite magwell, you can use a wildcard adapter. That way you can shoot both full length or half length darts. 

Worker Talon Mags or 3D Printed Mags work well

Worker Talon Magazines are reliable and consistent, with a 15 half dart capacity.

You can also get a Talon Mag extension for an extra +5 half dart capacity. 

Pictured here is a Worker Talon Magazine with a black mag extension. 

3D-Printed Magazines are cool because you get to choose your color, but they also can hold up to 30 half darts at a time.

If you want full length mags, you can get those wherever nerf stuff is sold.

They’re called Thanhlon Mags

So basically, what you'll need for your Caliburn...

1. Elite Magwell setup (full-length dart magwell)

2. Wildcard adapter (to shoot half length darts)

3. Worker Talon Mags or 3D printed mags for half length darts

And bonus… you can also get a second front half for your Caliburn to shoot mega or rival darts. You just have to swap out the front half and you’re good to shoot an entirely new type of dart. 

Caliburn Alternative Front Half

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