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Running a Secondary in Your Loadout | Gameplay Below

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it semi or full-auto only?

     A: Selectfire with Full, Semi, and 2 or 3 Round Burst modes. You can quickly toggle between semi and full auto.

Q: Just how small is it?

     A: Very compact pistol size. About the same size as a Zinc, just a little wider.

Q: What battery is compatible with the Diana?

     A: The Diana is designed to run off of a 4 cell lipo battery, but a 3s lipo also works to lower the power. In the Diana is automatic battery detection and low battery warning. The back-lit front iron sight post flashes to indicate incompatible battery or low battery life.

Q: Is it 3D Printed? How durable is it? Will it break on me?

    A: It’s a solid injection molded upper and lower Nylon body. Not your typical mass-produced off the shelf plastic shell.

Q: I don’t like flywheelers. They’re too loud. Is the Diana loud?

    A: Very quiet for a flywheeler. The brushless motors are very quiet and is easily the quietest flywheeler on the market for the performance.

Q: What’s the rate of fire on full-auto?

     A: 900 RPM on full auto (15 Darts per Second)

Q: Is there a holster that fits?

     A: Our standard adjustable drop leg holster line fits the Diana great. In the future, there’ll be a custom fit Diana holster available that has an option for a built in switch that automatically turns the Diana on when removed from the holster.

Q: What’s the delay between rev up, and fire?

     A: The Diana uses brushless motors for super fast rev up on “Hyper” or “Idle” mode. The “Hyper” mode keeps the flywheels on a stand-by mode for nearly instantaneous firing.

Q: What’s the FPS?

       A: ~145 FPS performance on a 4S, but using a 3s battery is lower the performance to HvZ range

Q: How hard is it to switch fire modes?

       A: From the original prototype, the design has been simplified for reliability and ease of use. Sliding the switches on either side select the mode, while burst mode can be programmed by simply holding the trigger while plugging in the battery.

Q: What magazines does it use?

       A: The Diana is designed to use proprietary magazines that hold 10 darts. It is possible to get an extension or modify Worker Nightingale Magazines to fit as well.

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