Frontliners Program

The Loyalty Program is Here!

Tailor make your own rewards program with us.

Choose your own rewards, deals, promos and how you receive and redeem points.

Build up Points, Upgrade Tiers, Choose Structure Types, Redeem points for what you want.

#1 Sign up

#2 Rack up Loyalty Points

#3 Redeem Points for rewards

Exchange points for in-store credit.

Build Up Points by:

– Sharing on Social Media

– Leaving a Product Review (+10 points)

– Making Purchases (1 point for every $100 spent)

– After completing first order (+10 points)

– Attending events and meeting FLF in person

– Engaging on videos, posts, and content

– Signing up with a birthday!

– Referring a friend

– Pay a recurring or one-time fee

– Get different benefits depending on rank. The higher ranked, the better the reward.

– Joining community groups and following us on social media

Redeem Points for:

– Store credit back on purchases (1% back on purchases)

          – Use Credit to get Free Products, Free Shipping

– Free products

– Discounts

– Deals like free shipping or exclusive access to sales

– Early access to new products

– Early access to sales

– Free products and other perks

– Shout-outs on social media

– Free or discounted shipping

– Earn rewards on frequent purchases, like darts and mags

– A monthly bonus

– Special offers

– Exclusive swag

– Receive immediate and continuous benefits


Frontliner Loyalty Program Member Tier 1

Free to sign-up

Frontliner Loyalty Program Member Tier 2


Wholesaler Member

Purchasing with intent to resell

Bulk Frontliner Member

Buying in bulk for group purchases

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