Guide to the Zinc 2.0 | WATCH BEFORE YOU FIRE

Important info below 


Load the correct number of half-length darts into the Zinc 2.0 magazine. (The darts should be facing the cutouts on the magazine)

Insert into the handle of the blaster, with the darts facing forward.

Pull the slide back *until it clicks!*

Push the slide forward until the slide is against the front piece.

Pull the trigger firmly.

Enjoy & repeat 🙂

If the slide doesn't push forward...

If the slide is stuck in the back position, it could be because your mag is out of darts. This is a feature, not a malfunction.

DO NOT force the slide forward. You might break your blaster.

Instead, remove the mag. The slide will then be able to prime.

If the slide won’t push forward when loading a dart, it could be jammed. The magazine may not have advanced the dart properly or a bad dart was loaded. Pull the slide back, remove the mag, clear any obstruction from the barrel, and try again.

If you fire without a dart loaded...

Firing without a dart is called a “dry fire.”

Dry fires can generally break a blaster, but not the Zinc 2.0.

The Zinc 2.0 is dry-fire safe. Still try to avoid it since it could but extra stress on the parts, but I’ve dry-fired mine at least a hundred times and haven’t broken anything yet.


If you leave the spring primed...

I’d recommend NOT leaving the blaster primed for too long. This could wear out your spring over time and put unnecessary pressure on your blaster.

Simply pull the trigger to release the spring pressure.


The Zinc 2.0 is ONLY compatible with Zinc 2.0 mags.


The Zinc 2.0 is compatible with most half-length darts.


*Do NOT leave your blaster in the sun or heat for long* 

Prolonged time in the sun or, say, a hot car can warp the prints on your blaster.

Avoid leaving the blaster in direct sun for a long time.

*Do NOT play without wearing eye protection*

I have seen many close calls. Always wear glasses or other eye protection when firing your blaster.


Always make sure those you’re firing at also wear eye protection.


*Have a ton of fun*

Just go enjoy yourself 🙂

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