High-Powered Nerf Gameplay

What better way to determine which blaster is for you than to see them in action.  

I filmed this at my local group a few weeks ago.

Yes, I’m sporting my tactical crutch loadout, as a buddy called it. Tore my ACL skiing about a month ago. Just had surgery. It’s healing well. Still doesn’t stop me from nerfing 🙂

If you're looking for a new blaster for this season...

I outlined some honest pros and cons of many of the blasters in the video above. 

Classic design by Captain Slug. Good for kids and adults alike. Highly customizable. Can be a sniper or a lower-powered blaster depending on the setup.  

A bit big for around-the-house play. Best out in a field or in a big space. Can be tuned down for fairly good close-quarters play. 

Unique design by Captain Slug. Lower powered option. Powered by elastic bands. Fairly customizable. 

Top prime makes it fun. Not the best option for competitive play, but certainly good for close quarters or around-the-house. 

Another classic design. Can be a Pistol variant or full-length variant. Small design. Great for a run-and-gun play style, or a competitive blaster for close-quarters play. Not the best option if you’d like to fire many shots, though. 

T-pull blaster. Simple design. Easy to clear jams and maintain. 

Pump-action, shell ejecting shotgun by Shellington Blasters. This blaster makes you feel like John Wick. Not great for a highly-competitive match, but a fun blaster to have in close quarters or to show off with friends. 

Bullpup, HPA powered, mag-fed platform. Designed by Atch Attachments. Variable FPS performance. Great for family events and competitive events alike. 

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