Highest Powered Custom Nerf Blasters

No pain, no gain. These are sniper blasters. 

The Bradley Phillips Caliburn

Pump-action, upgraded Caliburn blaster. 250-300FPS


Full-metal, HPA-powered, full & semi-auto ultimate nerf sniper. 250-400FPS.

The HPA U Talon Claw

Compact, full-auto, high-powered HPA blaster. 250-400FPS.

The Single-Shot Rainbow Pistol

Single-shot, full-length barrel, slide-action pistol. 200-300FPS.

The Tempest

HPA-powered, full-auto, take-down, sniper blaster. 250-400FPS.

The Axiom

HPA-powered, bullpup, sleek, remote-line blaster. 150-400FPS.

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