How to Get 300FPS on a Caliburn

If you’ve ever wondered how to get 300FPS on a Caliburn, here’s how.

Upgrade to a Brass Barrel

If you want the highest possible performance on your Caliburn, you’ll have to go with a brass barrel. 

The brass barrel gives you the most consistent airflow reasonably possible on a Caliburn, minimizing the friction on the dart. 250-300FPS is generally the range we see with brass barrels. 

But WARNING: Brass can be finicky. It can bend and break easily. It also often takes some tinkering and maintenance for best performance. If you’re installing a brass barrel yourself, plan in time for troubleshooting. Not recommended for children or inexperienced nerfers. 

Use Half-Length Darts

If you’re serious about getting to the 250-300FPS range, you’ll have to use half-length darts. Full-length darts often fishtail and fold in the air, resulting in major inaccuracies and inconsistencies. 

Half-length darts perform more accurately, feed better, and shoot straighter.

There are many brands of half-length darts to choose from, but I recommend darts like Worker Gen3s

Waffle head darts jam too often in springer blasters (especially in brass barrels) and cut-down nerf brand darts often wear out too fast. 

Upgrade to Aluminum Ramrod/Pusher

You’ll want an aluminum ramrod/pusher with an extra notch for an o-ring. This adds an extra seal between your pusher and the barrel resulting in about a +20FPS increase by itself. 

UPDATED INFORMATION! You can use an aluminum ram instead of brass!

We modified the aluminum ram to not leak anymore. We’ve address this issue by using two o-rings on the ramtip and/or making the o-ring notch taller and/or using a slightly larger o-ring. 

The aluminum ram is also better because it’s more durable than brass. Much less likely to break. You also can get a dogbone upgrade with aluminum and can’t with brass. 

Upgrade or Stack Your Power Spring

The spring you choose will have a big impact on your FPS, and there is a large variety of springs to choose from. 

Bradley Philips famously stacked a K31 and K25 spring in his blaster, thus increasing the FPS. 

There are more spring types available to power up or power down your blaster. 

For more info on springs, check out this post I wrote: 

Ultimate Guide to Springs for Springer Blasters

Upgrade to Machined Parts

You can see a solid FPS increase by simply upgrading to a machined plunger and rambase. Machined plungers and bases increase your air seal as well as provide better durability than the 3D-printed bases and plungers do. 

Other machined parts you can upgrade include the sear and the trigger, but either of these won’t increase your FPS, just durability.  

Get a Good Air Seal

Nothing kills blaster performance like a bad air seal. Even if you had every upgrade imaginable, your blaster wouldn’t perform very well if it had a bad air seal. 

While upgrade parts can help dramatically with your air seal, you might have to tinker with your blaster for it to reach full performance. 

Another way to get a good air seal is by performing regular maintenance on your blaster. Dirt in the plunger tube from old darts, lack of lube, or just general wear-and-tear can result in a poor air seal. Fortunately, with a little TLC, your blaster can get back to normal. 

Hopefully this helps you get your blaster performance you’re looking for!

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