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How to Get More Tags on the Nerf field

… and without doing anything special to your blaster

3 Tips to Getting More Tags

Most nerfers get tagged while reloading. Use these tricks to avoid that. 

#1. extend your magazines
(Get +5 shots)

Carry more darts per mag than your competition. Reload less often. 

#2. keep eyes up while reloading

Clip your magazines to your vest or belt so you can stay alert on the reload. 

#3. avoid dart jams

Magazine feeding problems cause dart jams. Avoid those by replacing your mag springs. 




Most nerfers take their eyes off the field when reloading because their loadout sucks.

Don’t be that guy. Get tags instead. 

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"This thing is the best! Even my friends who aren't into nerf are impressed with how I can fling foam."
Nerfer, USA

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