FDL Settings: The fun stuff 🙂

The FDL has a handful of customizable settings including speed (FPS), spin, maxspin, minspin, spindown, firemode, sound, brightness, lockout, & preset buttons. For more info, watch this video:

For more information on settings, click here for an in-depth guide by ProjectFDL:

Darts: Adventure Force

The best darts to use are Adventure Force Darts. They have the right head shape and good foam size for maximum FPS and good accuracy in the FDL.

Available at local Walmarts or from me here: 

Battery & Charger:

The FDL is designed with a large battery compartment so it fits most smaller 3s batteries up to 1500mAh. Here’s a link:

You’ll also need a Lipo Battery Charger. I recommend this one:




The FDL comes with a sling point at the base of the handle and a Nerf compatible stock attachment at the rear (we also have a FDL buffer tube on the way). Worker sells a handful of good stocks and I have a sling which I basically always use when I run my FDL.


Add a buffer tube to your blaster to accept milspec stocks. Available as Buffer Tube only, or with buttstock.

Other Tips:

– If a dart gets stuck/folded in the entry to the muzzle in the magwell, use a poker stick to clear the dart out from the output end of the muzzle. 

– Like all 3D printed blasters (and nice things in general), avoid sun damage by not leaving your blaster in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

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