How to Use and Maintain Your Storm

User Manual Instructions and Common Troubleshooting Tips are below.

First of all, thank you so much for joining us in being part of the Sweetheart Storm owner’s club! It’s a fun blaster!

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Installing Grip and Rail

The Storm’s Grip is installed with M3 hexnuts and M3 screws.

The Handguard Rail is installed with M4 T-Nuts and M4 Screw.

The Handguard is installed on the rest of the Blaster with 3x M4x10mm Screws on the top and sides, and a M4x16mm or 20mm Screw on the bottom

Cycle Control Switch

The Thumbscrew knob at the bottom of the blasters adjusts the position of the cycle control switch. After loosening the Knob slightly, you can move the switch closer to the front or back of the blaster to make fine adjustments to the cycle timing.

If your Storm immediately fires in full-auto or goes haywire where it won’t stop, check this Switch. First try moving the Knob position more forward so that the switch is pressed when the Plunger is primed backwards. If this does not fix the haywire full-auto, check to make sure the lever is intact on the switch. The lever can sometimes break off the switch if the blaster is disassembled because the switch is fairly fragile.


If you experience a particularly bad jam, or run full-auto for a seriously extended period of time without giving the blaster a break, the fuse may heat up and blow. If the Blaster stops responding, it’s easy to test if the fuse is blown. Simply shim/short/jump the fuse by touching a piece of metal to both ends of the fuse with the battery plugged in, unprimed, and out of Safe mode, and you should see the blaster respond or “jump”. If the Blaster still does not respond when the Fuse is bypassed, the problem lies elsewhere, such as a broken wire or Blown Board.

If the fuse is bypassed and the Blaster still does not respond, check for broken wiring.

Broken Wires

When re-installing the stock, but sure to not accidentally pinch any wires when re-installing the Screw holding on the Stock, or you could end up breaking the wire and need to repair the wire connection.

In addition, if you Pull or Tug on Red/Black wires going into the Stock, you may accidentally disconnect a wire from a connector on the Motor Brake Board. You may need to repair this connection if it is severed.

Motor Break Board Connections

If your blaster suddenly stops responding and the fuse is not blown and the wires are intact, also check the Board Connections. It’s possible that the Board on the back of the Motor has come loose. Make sure the Female Connectors on the board are securely attached to the Male Spade Connectors on the back of the Motor. Repeated removing of the Board and cause the connectors to loosen. I’ve found that shimming the back of the Board with a dart dart can help keep the Board connected to the motor.

If you find that the Female Spade Connectors on the board are loose on the Male Spade Connectors on the Motor, you can use a pair of pliers to gently squeece the Female Connectors so they are a bit tigther on the Motor Tabs.

Sweetheart Storm 2 Warning & Safety Info:

  • This toy is intended for childen ages 14 and up.
  • Do not aim at the eyes or face when discharging nerf darts. Misuse may result in serious injury or blindness.
  • Only use nerf short darts designed for this blaster. Using other projectiles may cause injury or damage to the blaster.
  • Never modify or tamper with the blaster or its components. Doing so may cause injury or damage.
  • Do not use the blaster near water or expose it to moisture.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.

Follow these safety precautions to ensure the safe and enjoyable use of your Sweetheart Storm blaster.

Important Safety Information:
Please play with your blaster at your own risk. Our suggestions include but are not limited to:

  • CONCEAL your blaster and do not show any part in public;
  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses and do not tag unprotected personnel;
  • FOAM darts only;
  • CORRECT terms such as blaster, dart, and tag;
  • BRIGHT color on your clothing and blaster;
  • USE common sense;
  • DO NOT MOD blasters

By purchasing these items, you agree you will use them safely and responsibly and you AGREE that Frontline Foam will not be liable for any injury and liability caused by misuse or accidental usage.

Sweetheart Storm 2 Initial Set up & FAQ:

WARNING: Before connecting the battery, ensure the switch is in the default back (off) position. Failure to do so may cause damage to the blaster or battery.

The Sweetheart Storm 2.0 Blaster is a great platform and we are excited to offer it to our customeres. Here are some common questions and answers about the blaster:

  1. What battery does this use? A 1300mAh 14.8V (4S) 19.24Wh 130C battery or 3S lipo also works.
  2. How does the switch work? Three positions. The forward position activates the pre-priming, FULL-AUTO. The middle position is SEMI-AUTO, and the default back position is the Fire Control Off position.
  3. Is any regular maintenance required? Yes, regular maintenace is recommended for optimal performance. The default Delrin ball must be changed after every 1500-2000 shots, and the rod and internal parts should be lubricated with grease. It is also important to protect the electricity from moisture and dust to prevent damage.

We will be releasing more support and accesories for the Sweetheart Storm 2.0 Blaster in the coming months, so please follow us on Facebook by searching for Frontline Foam and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates. If you have any further questions or concerns about the blaster, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Be careful to not damage the Cycle Control Switch Lever or Pinch any Wires

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