Hummingbird Frontline Foam Official Features Overview

We finally filmed our overview of the Hummingbird! Gameplay on the way. Disclosure: *the Hummingbird in this video was a rush print build with used motors and built for an event that night. Retail version will be slightly different.*

Also, YES, our Hummingbird will have a selectfire option very soon! This will allow you to lower the rate of fire from ~12-20 darts per second on full auto (or a 3 round burst by tapping the trigger on full auto) to a dedicated semi auto function. The switch will be above the thumb on the left hand side. 

Key Features:
– Select fire, full-auto blaster
– Buffer tube stock
– Tool-less battery tray
– Solenoid powered
– High ROF
– Lots of picatinny rails
– Super Compact
– One of the best close quarters blasters
– Angled Mags

Get a Hummingbird here: Hummingbird Gen2

Overview Video

Full Auto Gameplay

Get a Hummingbird here: Hummingbird Gen2

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