Important Info About the Kirin

How to Assemble

The Kirin is shipped partially disassembled to fit in the box better. It’s very easy to put together, but we made a video for you anyway.

#1: Avoid Dry Firing

Avoid firing the blaster without a DART loaded. Empty shell does not count as loaded. This is especiallly try with a high power spring. 

#2: Avoid putting your fingers in the chamber

This is unavoidable if you’re clearing a jam or single-loading a shell, but please be careful if you’re placing your fingers near the chamber. If the trigger is inadvertently pulled, it could cause the bolt to slam forward into your fingers. Ouch!

#3: Use responsibly

The Kirin shoots hard and is a high performance blaster. It is not a run of the mill nerf toy. Do not point the muzzle at anything you do not want to shoot. Keep the Kirin unloaded when not in use.

#4: Store properly and maintain regularly

Don’t store the blaster with the spring primed. It can wear out the spring if left primed for extended periods of time.

Regulary check your o-rings and airseals for dirt and debris. Clean the o-rings and relubricate as needed. Your kirin included extra o-rings for this purpose. For lubrication, only use o-ring safe, non-petroleum based lubricants.

#5: Play with good sportsmanship and have fun!

You’re repping a high powered blaster from Shellington and Frontline Foam. You may outrange your friends or shoot harder than them, but don’t be a jerk about it. Don’t fire at people who aren’t playing in the game. Nerf is played on an honor system. You may not always feel the hit or see the hit, but take the hit anyway and have fun!

#6: Check out mods, add-ons, and upgrades you can do!

A default or out of the box blaster is a ton of fun, but you can have even more fun by making a blaster your own by modding and adding upgrades. We have a bunch of these that you can check out here.

#7: Share with your friends, on social media, and leave us a review!

You’ll have a lot more fun with your Kirin if you invite your friends to play with you and share it with others! Post where you got your Kirin on social media and share what you think of your Kirin as a review!

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Google: Google Review

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