Important Info About the Pico Booper

The Pico Booper and 40 MAX Grenade are a TONNNNNN of fun. They’re pretty easy to use, but there are a few important points you should know.

#1 3D Prints

3D printed parts are made by melting plastic and reforming it at relatively low temperatures.

Do NOT leave your 3D prints in a hot car or prolonged direct sunlight.

The gas pressure is not being held in any way by the printed parts, so no danger there.

#2 Compressed Gas

Gas cools as it expands. Be careful when using gas refills.

Do NOT expose skin to prolonged releases of compressed gas.

The gas is stored at around 100 PSI which is lower than most high pressure systems, but follow the proper warnings on which ever can you’re using.

When the Grenades release air, it can be loud. Please be mindful of this if using 40 MAX grenades in public.

#3 Use Responsibly

Like all things that launch a projectile, there is a risk of personal injury.

Avoid aiming at eyes or face

Use proper eye protection

Be respectful to those around you

Practice proper trigger discipline and muzzle control

#4 Maintenance

The self-contained 40MAX Grenade Canisters are pretty simple and reliable, but they do require maintenance like most performance foam blasters.

Clean any dirt or debris that may get on the inside of the canisters. The canisters can be easily unscrewed into two halves.

Make sure the o-rings are clean and lubricated well. Use non-petroleum or non-aerosol based lubricants. Use something silicone based.

For the 40MAX to refill correctly, the front and rear buttons must be fully reset against the front and rear faces. The rear button can be pushed in fully to reset the front button.

#4 Have fun!

The Booper and 40 MAX Grenades are a ton of fun! Air powered blasters are really fun, sound cool, and the realistic 40MM grenades are fun to swap in and out.

Please show it around! Use it often! Post it on social media! Let us know how you like it!

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