Important Info About Your Jury

How to Use

The Jury is shipped fully assembled. It’s easy to use and has some fun features.

#1: CO2 Safety

Compressed gas is actually pretty safe. All the pressurized components are a solid steel, so there’s little risk of being injured.

The only thing to watch out for is that the CO2 gas gets cold as it expands. Don’t stick your tongue on a recently fired canister.

The canister should only be removed when fully empty. You can empty a partially filled canister inside the jury by holding down the trigger and pushing the hammer forward.

#2: How to Load a Canister

To install a 12g CO2 canister, remove the Handle Cover.

Use the hex shaped metal piece in the Handle Cover to loosen the screw on the bottom of the handle.

Install a 12g CO2 canister narrow end first into the Jury. Make sure the round end fits into the handle.

Using the hex shaped metal piece, tighten the screw. You only need to tighten it enough so that the CO2 canister seals into the blaster. Don’t overtighten the screw or you may break the Handle Cover.

#3: Use responsibly

The Jury can shoot hard and is a high performance blaster. It is not a run of the mill nerf toy. Do not point the muzzle at anything you do not want to shoot. Keep the Jury unloaded when not in use.

#4: Store properly and maintain regularly

It’s not recommended to store the Jury with CO2 loaded. It can wear out the o-rings and a small leak can cause the CO2 to empty itself over time.

Regulary check your o-rings and airseals for dirt and debris. Clean the o-rings and relubricate as needed. For lubrication, only use o-ring safe, non-petroleum based lubricants.

#5: Play with good sportsmanship and have fun!

You’re repping a high powered blaster from REKT and Frontline Foam. You may outrange your friends or shoot harder than them, but don’t be a jerk about it. Don’t fire at people who aren’t playing in the game. Nerf is played on an honor system. You may not always feel the hit or see the hit, but take the hit anyway and have fun!

#6: Check out mods, add-ons, and upgrades you can do!

A default or out of the box blaster is a ton of fun, but you can have even more fun by making a blaster your own by modding and adding upgrades. We have a bunch of these that you can check out here.

#7: Share with your friends, on social media, and leave us a review!

You’ll have a lot more fun with your Jury if you invite your friends to play with you and share it with others! Post where you got your Jury on social media and share what you think of your Jury as a review!


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