How 3D Printed Blasters Make Nerf Obsolete

If you’re new to the nerf hobby, this is a great video to get you up to speed. The hobby has lots to offer!


1) 3D printed blasters don’t break as easily anymore. 

We’ve modified many blaster designs, adding reinforcements which make the most vulnerable parts virtually indestructible. For the springer blasters, these parts include: aluminum coupler inserts and machined part upgrades. If you order from us, you’ll have the chance to select those upgrades. 

2) You don’t have to own a 3D printer to join the hobby. 

You can order printed parts from us to assemble your own blaster, or get a blaster pre-assembled and ready for play. Don’t let not having a printer hold you up. 

3) If you do have a 3D printer, the most updated files for printing aren’t on thingiverse. 

In coordination with the original designers, I’ve made updates to the original blaster designs. These updates make assembly easier, and performance better. 

You can download all the updated files as you want for free here: STL File Download – Nerf Blasters

Welcome to the great hobby of 3D printed nerf!

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