The Kirin (Injection Molded Wrenfield) – Durable, High Performance, Bolt-Action, Shell Ejecting

If any of the above interests you, check out the below

The Kirin is like the 3D printed Wrenfield, but better. Capable of 300+ FPS, ejects shells, durable, bolt-action, mag fed, quick takedown, picatinny. Just about has it all!

Here’s some reviews on the Wrenfield that also apply to the Kirin. It’s brand new and only a few in the world, but it’s tried and true! Also below is a review of the Kirin itself. Enjoy. Click here to reserve a Kirin for yourself.

FAQ’s at the bottom!

Video Review of the Kirin

 Click here to reserve a Kirin for yourself!

Reviews of Wrenfield (Kirin Predecessor)

Reserve a Kirin from the first batch here!

More Kirin Content!


Q: If I pre-order, will I have to wait a long time to get it?

A: Nope! The first shipment, while limited in quantity, is already on its way to us! It should be here by the end of the month, but we’ll update you as it gets closer as well.

Q: There’s not many Kirins out there yet, how can I be sure it works as advertised?

A: The Kirin has been in development for some time now actually. It’s gone through the thorough hands of MHParms, Shellingtonlabs, as well as Frontline Foam. It’s been used in several wars and events already, and it’s proved itself overseas.

Q: How can I hit ____ FPS?

A: The Kirin includes 3 springs in the box that can range from 130 FPS to 260 FPS. With a Pro26 spring, we’ve been able to hit consistently around 300 FPS right out of the box. With the potential of longer barrel and quality darts, no one has maxed out the Kirin yet.

Q: What add-ons, upgrades, and mods are available?

A: A ton! The Kirin is still new to market, but already there are attachments and add-ons you can get such as sights, scopes, bipods, muzzle devices, and 3D printed parts. You can check out our line of add-ons as well.

Q: I don’t like shell ejecting and/or proprietary mags.

A: We’ve got you covered! In this first batch, we also have a TALON Mag Adapter and Pusher available so you can fire the Kirin without ejecting shells and with Worker Angled Magazines. Performance of the Kirin, with the convenience of not picking up shells.

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