M79 Firing Demo + Features Overview


Full-metal construction

Semi & full-auto select-fire modes

Safety switch

Swappable barrel lengths

Easy access for maintenance and jams

Powered by the MILSIG M79 Heat Core (NOT SuperCORE)

Standard picatinny rails

150-400FPS, easily adjustable on the regulator

Bottle-on Stock included as default

Metal barrel thread cover included by default

Optional plastic orange muzzle add-on

Co2, remote-line and bottle-on stock compatible

M79 REAL-STEEL LOOK | Pros & Cons

Some people say it looks too real steel. However, the point of the blaster is to capitalize the years history of firearm ergonomics. Basing a blaster off that does have its advantages. 

However, since it does look real steel, there are a handful of things you can do to make it toy friendly. 

1) Wrap the tip in orange tape or use an orange scar

2) Change the color/paint the shroud

3) Use a MILSIG orange muzzle

4) 3D-print parts or swap the grip

Be mindful of your local laws and where you play. Often, there are laws against paintball because it’s messy, and Airsoft because it’s dangerous, but generally those laws don’t apply to nerf. If you’re destroying property with foam darts, then well…

I play HPA nerf in public parks all the time. An officer came by on a routine patrol and said HPA nerf is totally fine in my area in Utah. Know your local laws. 


The M79 is similarly priced to other select-fire blasters like the FDL. Other blasters that are 3D-printed or commissioned cost just as much, if not a lot more. 

You will have to purchase a tank and regulator at minimum which can add up. However, many people spend hundreds of dollars over the course of many nerf blasters, but this is all-in-one, and you definitely get what you pay for. 

While you can get addons for this blaster, you likely won’t have to tinker with it or replace parts like you might on a 3D-printed blaster. 


HPA might LOOK complicated, but the learning curve is actually a lot less steep than many other setups in the hobby. 

You do have to watch out for safety issues, but HPA technology is actually much safer than homemade nerf parts just because it is professional grade.

All questions and customer support come to us at Frontline Foam (NOT MILSIG) as well, so you can expect a fast and detailed response. More and more how-to videos and content is also coming out by us and others in the hobby as HPA becomes more standard. 

The default bottle-on setup is also quite intuitive, as the majority of the setup requires only screwing on and off the tank. 



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