If you want to see how the M79 performs in REAL TIME...

You might see reviews of the M79 on youtube or hear what MILSIG has to say. While all those sources are often helpful, there’s nothing like handling the blaster in person. 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get your hands on a blaster, but I thought of the next best thing. 

Join the M79 Live Stream! What we'll cover...

On August 4th, I’ll be streaming LIVE from my shop. No fancy video editing, no promotion, no selling nonsense. Just me, my M79s, and you. 

In the LIVESTREAM, you’ll see me: 

✔️Take apart an M79 and show you the internals

✔️Show a live firing demo & chrono test on various PSI

✔️Give a sneak-peek at upgrades & addons not yet available

✔️Answer any & ALL questions you might have

Next best thing to actually handling the blaster

You’ve probably experienced the disspointment of spending $$$ on a blaster setup, only for it to not work as you thought straight out of the box. 

Let’s avoid that. 

Sign up for this live stream so you can see how the M79 ACTUALLY performs in real life, unedited, unfiltered. 

ONLY those who sign up will be allowed to attend

Out of respect for your time, I’m only allowing people seriously interested in the M79 to attend. 

The reason is, I want to answer the SERIOUS questions you have, NOT waste your time with the nonsense of the internet at large. 

That being said, I’ll try and answer every question you have, along with FAQs that others have asked as well. 

A recording of this live stream will not be published online. This is your chance. 


No strings attached. Just come checkout the blaster.

I’m a nerf hobbiest. I hate selling things. None of that will go on at this live stream. I want it to feel like we’re all at an event together, just talking nerf. 

I’ve built many HPA blasters. I’ve handled the M79 extensively. 

I’m here to talk about nerf. No nonsense. No random tangents that waste time. Just a chill, fun, chat and demo about nerf. 

Wish I could fly y’all in to see the M79 in person. Can’t do that, unfortunately. So hopefully this is the next best thing. 

NOTE: Still a few blasters left in the pre-order

More than half our first order of M79s are spoken for, but a few have yet to be claimed. 

Once those blasters in the first order are gone, I can’t guarantee that your color preference will be available. 

You also won’t get the pre-order discount, nor the M79 hat :p

I can’t guarantee how long we’ll have blasters left. 

I do know that some youtubers are about to launch reviews of the M79, so I estimate they’ll go quickly. 

If you've already placed a pre-order, you're also invited

Just come enjoy the blaster. The M79 is such a fun time.

The arrival date of the M79s is approaching...

MILSIG said the first shipment would arrive within 70 days of us placing the pre-order. We placed our order on June 14th. That means the blasters will hopefully arrive near the end of August. 

Only a few people have actually handled the M79 in person (myself and a few others).