M79 Stock Options – Specs, Pros & Cons, & More


This is the default stock that comes with all M79s. The buffer-tube stock is specifically designed for MILSIG’s custom tank. 

Custom tank specs: 13 ci and 3000psi. 

Can I use other bottle-on tanks with the M79?

Yes! Most HPA tanks will work just fine as long as their minimum output pressure is 800 PSI. 

How long does the default M79 tank last? How many shots? 

The 13 ci tanks generally last a couple of games, depending on the pressure you’re running. I’d estimate 100-150 shots on average.


This stock is the most compact and light-weight setup out of all of them, and doesn’t require you to refill any tanks. The Co2 stock option isn’t technically designed for the full-auto mode, but I find it does still technically work. 

You can also switch out the buffer-tube stock on this setup, unlike the bottle-on setup. 

Co2 Canisters: Must be 16 gram Co2 canisters, non-threaded. 

How long does 1 canister last? How many shots?

1 canister can get you about 40 shots, depending on your pressure. 

Where can I get Co2 16 gram canisters?

Local hunting stores, supermarkets or online stores sell them in bulk. 


Benefits of the remote-line setup:

– Is compatible with different sized tanks

– Carry the tank on your gear; makes for a lighter blaster

What remote-lines and fittings are compatible with this setup?

The remote line and fitting must be able to handle 800psi. Most push-to-connect fittings and nerf remote lines won’t work, unfortunately. 

Does the remote-line stock setup also come with the remote-line coil?

No, you’d have to purchase the coil separately. The coil must be rated for 800psi. 



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