5 Minutes of M79 Firing Full-Auto (40+ mags!!)

Tips to Firing your M79 Reliably

The M79 is a very reliable, accurate, and just plain awesome platform. 

For top performance, check the tips below to get the best performance out of your M79.  

While you can often get away with squished darts in other blasters, the M79’s mechanism often can’t tolerate them. 

Simply put, the full-auto cycling is just too fast for old/squished darts. 

Your mags and darts have to be up to the challenge 🙂 

1) Don’t used squished darts. 

If the butt-end of your darts look anything but round, don’t use those darts. 

**Your darts should look perfectly round when loaded into a mag. **

2) Don’t use mags that feed unreliably

Check to make sure nothing is hindering your mag follower from feeding smoothly. 

Remove any dirt or debris from your mag before loading. Check or replace the mag spring if it’s seen many days. 

3) Use a full tank of air

Your M79 will start to sputter when the tank gets about 1000psi, if it’s set to full-power. 

Switch out or refill your tank if you need maximum performance. You still will be able to get shots off at a lesser-than-full tank, but it might not be as reliable in full-auto. 

4) Put some test mags through your M79 

Don’t go straight out on to the field. Put a mag or two through your M79. This helps you test the darts, mags, and lets the mechanism “warm up” a bit. 

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