So, you want to build a Magpie Nerf Revolver…

If you’ve never built a nerf blaster or anything like it before, the Magpie is an ambitious build. 

But it’s so fun.


Here's Some Rotation Tips and Tricks

The rotation can be the hardest part of the magpie to nail down. The rotation timing can take some finesse to get just right, but the process is actually quite simple.

When you look from the side, you can see a sliver a light between the cylinder, trigger nub, and pusher. When the trigger is pulled, the rotation arm begins the rotation. Then, the Trigger Nub extends to stop the cylinder from rotating as the cylinder rotates far enough into position. If this Nub stop the cylinder too soon, you’ll want to file it down to adjust the timing. Do the same thing with the pusher. If the pusher extends too soon, it can hit the cylinder instead of going through the hole for the dart. This solves most rotation issues. Over filing can cause over rotation. So best to do a little at a time and test as you go.

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