Winners of the Primary Blaster Bracket!

Winners of the Secondary Blaster Bracket!

Congrats to 118 Design and Mr Heath Pants for their awesome designs. 

How to Participate:

1. Join the notification list below or Facebook Group

2. Fill out the bracket with your personal opinion on which blaster rules them all. (Bracket will be posted on this page.)

When the bracket closes, results will be tallied and the winner announced. 


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    Bracket Ranking Schedule

    SECONDARY BLASTERS | 120-170FPS | Voting: March 14-20th

    (Bracket revealed on March 14th)

    PRIMARY BLASTERS | 170-300FPS | Voting: March 21-30th

    (Bracket revealed on March 21st)

    Participating Blasters per Category


    Magpie – MHP Arms

    Viper – Freedom Blasters

    Pigeon – MHP Arms

    Snake V2 – Freedom Blasters

    Lepus – Jackrabbitnerfer

    Woozi – Wooxy7070

    Twig Snake – Freedom Blasters

    Mamba – Freedom Blasters

    ESPER – Captain Slug

    Night Snake – Freedom Blasters

    Rainbow Pistol – (various designers)

    Zinc – 118 Design

    Super SPAMF – OldFusionDesigns

    Aeon Pro – Dart Zone

    Mistress Key – 06CalendarGirl

    Proud Papa – Out of Darts


    Caliburn – Captain Slug

    U Caliburn – Captain Slug

    Foam Knight – Foam Knight

    Chimera – North East Designs

    Talon Claw – 55Samba

    U-Talon Claw – Captain Slug

    Spring Thunder – Shellington Blasters

    Microburst – Ansuzalgiz

    U-Bullpup – Captain Slug

    Lynx – Orion Blasters 

    FDL – PFDL

    Bulwark – Jackrabbitnerfer

    HPA Waymaker – Jackrabbitnerfer

    HPA Axiom – Atch Attachments

    HPA Tempest – Ansuzalgiz

    MILSIG M79 – Milsig

    Nexus Pro – Dart Zone

    Full-Length Rainbow – various designers


    What should I consider when filling out a bracket?

    Consider whatever matters to you. It’s totally your biased opinion as a nerfer in the hobby. You could consider performance, style, ergonomics, designer, form factor, customizability… literally anything. 

    Where can I fill out a bracket? 

    Right here! When the bracket opens, you can find it on this page. 

    How do I know when the winner is announced?

    1) Join the Official March Madness Facebook Group

    2) Sign Up for the email list right here!

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