March Madness NERF Mayhem 2024

You Voted in the Primary Blaster Bracket!

The results are in!

We asked you to rank all of the newest blasters that have come out in the past couple of years, and here’s what you thought where the best.

1. In first place, the best overall blaster to rule them all was the Sweetheart Storm!

That was my first choice as well. We’re proud to be the first shop in the hobby to offer the 2.0 Plus and it’s my go-to for overall high power primary as well. Even better news, the next batch is scheduled to arrive in just 1 month. Check it out here:

Sweetheart Storm FB-1 2.0 Plus

2. #2 was the Apex Prime

No surpise, since it’s a high powered, pump-action springer, which is tried and true in the hobby. High power, full “rifle”, type blasters have always been my favorite, and the Apex Prime does just that.

3rd place was a close call, so we’ll mention several next ups.

3. The Lynx, once again, was a very popular blaster. It’s very well-known, and capable of great performance in a smal, bullpup platform.

Another super well voted blaster was the Worker Harrier. Pump-action, easily moddable, and a great size.

The Gryphon was the next highest overall voted, however, coming in very close to the SBF, and B-Variant. Very surpising!

Thanks to everyone who placed a vote and for the discussions that took place about what you most valued in a blaster. Next time, maybe we’ll do a dedicated Discord, video interviews, etc! Looking forward to it!

Bracket Ranking Schedule

PRIMARY BLASTERS | 170-300+FPS | Voting: Through March 31st

Participating Blasters per Category


What should I consider when filling out a bracket?

Consider whatever matters to you. It’s totally your biased opinion as a nerfer in the hobby. You could consider performance, style, ergonomics, designer, form factor, customizability… literally anything. 

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