Meet Your Blaster Designers

Most of the designs are open source and available on this website or other file sharing platforms. 

How YOU support community designers

Show off their blasters

Nothing spreads the word better than to show off your blaster at events. 

Purchase directly from the designer (if available)

Some designers have their own shop. You might consider purchasing directly from them, as some designers sell their designs. 

Most designers, however, do not sell fully-built blasters regularly. 

Purchase blasters from designer-approved resellers

More and more companies seek to rip off blaster designs and sell them without compensating designers. 

Watch out for these companies! 

Frontline Foam pays designers royalties on all sales and works to make the designer’s creations available to all 🙂

Show off on social media & mention the designer

You going to post a pic of your blaster? Make sure to mention the designer in the post. 


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