Modular Magholder and Shell Caddy Loadout

If any of you don’t like wasting 20+ minutes swapping out your loadout in between rounds at an event, or feel like you never have your gear where and when you need it, then this is for you.

One of my buddies who knows a lot about competition carry and real steel firearms recently showed me this bracket system. 

You can mount your shell caddies, even holsters on these brackets for a quick, swappable loadout. The clips are designed by for real steel carry by Blade-Tech, so they’re as rigid as they come. 

This is the gear that I’d always dreamed of as a kid.

As long as your gear has holes compatible with the clips and brackets, you can basically use them to mount anything. 


As for mounting gear on the brackets, Jay Reese modified a design by Anzulagiz to be compatible with the brackets Blade-Tech brackets. It’s a very rigid, sturdy design. 

I also designed the shell caddy below for Spring Thunder shells. 

Both the mag holders and shell caddy is compatible with the belt clips or molle clips, so you can place them wherever you’d like. 

This has saved me so much time in between rounds and also given me better performance in play because I have my gear where I need it when I need it. 

Say you’re running a springer for a higher-competition play. Then the game changes, and you want to run a Spring Thunder. You’d have to unclip your belt, slide off your mag holders, slide your new gear back on… Then if you want to rearrange, you’d have to do it all again.  

Now, if you have your mag holders mounted to these clips, all you have to do is swap them out on your belt bracket. And you’re ready to go. 

I hope to add more designs for the clips. Let me know if you have any preferences!

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