Most Popular High-Powered Nerf Blasters

So there are over 25 high-powered nerf blasters to choose from. These are the most popular. 

#1. The Bradley Phillips Caliburn

Pump-action, spring-powered, “sniper” blaster.

  • Hits 300FPS
  • Tight groupings & accuracy
  • Compatible with a scope or other attachments

#2. The Zinc 2.0

Top-prime pistol. Makes you feel like a nerf James Bond. 

  • 130-175 FPS
  • Weight balanced over the trigger
  • Comfortable grip

#3. Spring Thunder Shotgun

Nerf shotgun. Feel like the nerf John Wick. 

  • Actually ejects shells
  • Pump-action, spring powered
  • Loads like a shotgun

#4. The Lepus

The smallest blaster with the highest rate of fire. People’s jaws generally hit the floor when firing. 

  • Shoots 50 darts/second
  • Full-auto only
  • Button triggers, mag-fed

#5. The Talon Claw

Compact, pump-action, spring-powered, versatile blaster.

  • 100-250FPS 
  • Tight groupings & accuracy
  • Compatible with standard attachments
  • Good for nerfers of all ages (adjustable power)

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