Neutrino by Foam Alliance – UK


– Tool-less disassembly 

– Held together with neodymium magnets and worker rails for a sub-1-minute teardown and rebuilds.

– 150-400FPS

– SuperCORE-powered

– Compatible with threaded barrels

– Easy on the printers

– Standard picatinny for accessories

– Built for a remote-line setup

– Buffer Tube accepts many stock options

– Semi-auto, manual trigger valve

– Compatible with low and high pressure regulators and tanks


The Neutrino’s a slick blaster for those who don’t like taking a load of tools around to games. 

Along with all the benefits of a superCORE powered HPA blaster, the Neutrino comes with a tool-less disassembly. 

Those who’ve got their hands on one knows the satisfaction of sliding off the printed railgasm, popping out the stock pin, to reveal the internals. It’s that easy. 

And then there’s everyone else stuck unscrewing printed side-pannels or untangling a nest of wire to troubleshoot or clear a nasty jam. 

Not Neutrino runners. 

No, should we need to troubleshoot, we’ve got that blaster put back together in seconds and back out on the field, baby. 

Doin’ what we came for– flinging foam. 

If the tool-less disassembly doesn’t make you drool at the mouth, consider the fact that the Neutrino’s easy on your printers. 

The Neutrino ain’t the Magpie. As satisfying as that little devil revolver blaster is, you won’t have to pull out your hair to get the tolerances right, only to end up with a mound of trash printed parts and wasted filament. 

No, your printer will thank you when printing the Neutrino. Load file, hit print, remove file, assemble. That easy. 

This is a hobby, for crying out loud. 3D-printing isn’t supposed to be an anger-management exercise or a fight to the death– 

MAN vs 3D-PRINTER. (…coming to a garage near you.) 

We’ve all seen that show enough. 

Printing’s supposed to be FUN. And SATISFYING. Take a break from tweaking your tolerances and getting your filament in a bunch. Just print yourself an easy Neutrino. 

The Neutrino also brings you that superCORE blaster experience many of us know and love. 

Specifically, I’m talking about variable 140-300FPS range. 

A dart speed range that lets you play at a family event, and then terrorize a competitive event. With. the. same. blaster. 

Goodbye to the days of hauling so many bins of blasters to a game you might as well have backed up a pick-up truck. 

Nope. Not for us HPA runners. One blaster, all events. 

You’ve got complete control over your FPS with a quick spin of an allen key. Make the chronograph happy, and don’t give your moderators anything to complain about. 

And then go kill it out on the field. That’s what I say. 

Hey, you customize-your-blaster types. The Neutrino hasn’t forgotten about you. 

You want a different handguard? Done. You want a picatinni sight? Done. You want a different stock? You got it. Want to dial in a different barrel? Easy. So easy. 

You can essentially switch out anything on the blaster but the grip. For that, you’ll have to go to the M79 by MILSIG or modify the Neutrino files yourself. 

I’m serious, though. Literally swap out basically anything on the blaster. Make it look like a chunky pistol for all I care. 

One of the great things about the hobby is creating a blaster as unique as we are. Make this thing yours. The design’s got the versatility to do it. 

Now, the cost. Getting into HPA for the first time takes some up front cost. 

Specifically, you’d need…

– Regulator

– Air Tank

– SuperCORE (if you’re not going with the M79)

– Fittings

– Airline (for a set-up like the Neutrino)

If you don’t have any of that stuff, then yes, you will 100% have to get everything. 

But! When you buy it all once, you’ll never have to buy it again. 

It’s just drop and swap stuff into new blasters. 

Then you’re off to the races printing yourself whatever HPA creation comes on the market. 

Yes, you’ve got to pay-to-play, but it’s a one time cost if you get the right stuff. 

After that first cost, HPA printed blasters are actually CHEAPER than most other blasters, because you don’t need to pay for the internals over and over again. You got the internals. 

So there it is. Neutrino in all its glory. 

If this sleek, foam-flinging “sniper” shooter is calling your name, click on. 

If it’s not calling your name, then all I can only tell you one thing… 

You better watch your butt on the field. 

You might find yourself hiking back to spawn after a Neutrino sniper clipped you in the butt. 

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