If you're new to Nerf, here are some great starters to check out

Best bang for your buck, simple and easy to use with good entry-level performance.

Listed below are the cheapest options we have with standard “better than nerf” performance.

Semi Auto

Fire one shot per trigger pull

Full Auto

Full multiple shots per trigger pull


Can toggle between fire modes

Or...Shop by power type, blaster size, etc

Spring Powered

These blasters are generally the easiest in function by compressing a spring to then fire a dart. They’re usually pump-action, bolt-action, or top-prime. Easiest and simplest to use. 

Flywheel Powered

These blasters are the go-to for semi and full-auto firing. They use rechargeable batteries and require the purchase of a battery charger, but give a high rate of fire and moderate power.

Air Powered

These blasters require replenishment of compressed gas like CO2 or HPA (High Pressure Air). They’re great for getting high power in a small size.

AEB Powered

AEB (Automatic Electric Blasters) are newer to the Nerf scene. They’re Spring Powered for high power, but are primed electrically instead of manually primed every shot.