Auto Reset Circuit Breaker Fuse


Put a fuse between your battery and blaster to auto shut-off the power incase you get a jam. Helps prevent motor burnout.

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Installs in flywheel blasters to act as a fail-safe in case of a jam. Prevents motors from burning out by drawing too much current in case of a jam.

– Listing includes adapter “loom” with fuse holder and 1x self-resetting fuse
– Prevents motors from burning out by cutting power in case of excess current draw such as from a jam

Fuses can be soldered in directly, or linked into the power setup by use of an adapter connected to the blaster’s main power connector.
Individual fuses can be purchased to use in a variety of blaster or motor setups.

Motor Setups and Recommended Fuse:
2x Fang RV –
4x Fang RV –
2x Kraken –
2x Merlin –
2x Loki –
2x Honeybadgers –

To prevent motor burnout, you can add a fuse between the battery and blaster.

Self-resetting fuses don’t burnout, but trip and reset themselves after a few seconds.

Regular fuses burnout and need replaced. Manually reset breakers need to be reset by hand if tripped. Auto reset breakers mean if a jam or motor burnout situation occurs, the blaster turns itself off immediately so the jam can be removed and then blaster used without having to open the battery door or take the blaster apart.

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