Axiom Hardware Kit

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All of the hardware you need to build your own Axiom designed by Atch Attachments.


– Listing is for a complete hardware kit. 3D printed parts sold separately. Core, regulator, barrel, input fitting, and battery are all optional.
– Fully assembled and tested blasters are also available.

– Powered by a Spectre SuperCore by Spectre Armaments
– Electropneumatic solenoid controls airflow
– Remote line setup means you can carry a large outboard tank and connect it to your blaster via quick connect/push-to-connect/or other style fittings
– Battery compartment in handle makes for extremely quick and easy access
– Interchangeable modular front receiver for varying aesthetics and masterkeys (coming soon)
– Variable performance based on second stage regulator setting
– Sliding trigger for extremely smooth feel
– Unique “thumb-bump” magazine release makes for quick reloads
– Top swivel jam door for easy access
– Integrated sling point on stock
– Compatible with Talon style magazines only
– Accepts most half length darts. Recommended darts are Worker Gen3 darts.
– Listing includes spare SuperCore o-rings, thread tape, and spare hardware
– Compact, slim profile
– Optional molle compatible bottle pouch

Access to selected remixed files for printing your own parts available here: Axiom Print Files

Purchase the full file set from Atch Attachments here: Axiom Atch Attachments Print Files


More info on the Axiom:
Presenting the Axiom

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Axiom Game Footage

*** Original design by AtchAttachments. A portion of all sales of this item will go to AtchAtchments.

Additional information

Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

1 review for Axiom Hardware Kit

  1. Graywacke (verified owner)

    DO NOT PURCHASE. This kit is not market ready, there are problems with almost every piece in it and as provided will not create a functional blaster and furthermore when I reached out to Frontline they didn’t seem interested in helping me solve the problem.
    Do not let this discourage you from building an Axiom, my advice would be to purchase the files directly from Atch Attachments and source the components yourself.
    To list out the problems I have faced in trying to assemble the blaster from this kit.
    -the airhose is about an inch too short, it will not reach from the solenoid valve to the supercore
    -the solenoid is normally closed when it needs to be normally open. The valve provided requires a hole drilled through the bottom of the shell to actually feed air through correctly.
    -the screws provided are not long enough to actually connect the two shells

    Frontline has also removed Atch’s name from the side of the blaster for some reason, and having talked to Atch he was unaware of that change. But to make it worse they did a horrible job removing his name, so it leaves artifacts behind when you try to print it.
    Atch also stated that he has told Frontline that they are providing the wrong type of valves and they have done nothing to correct it.

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