Brass Barrel for Caliburn/Talon Claw


Upgrade barrel for Caliburn/Talon Claw. BrassAlu Barrels available here

NOT compatible with the Caliburn 4 without an aluminum sleeve and slight modification.

Protective cover that slides over brass
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– Available for both Nerf Caliburn and Talon Claw
– Brass has higher tolerances and better dart fit than aluminum
– 17/32″ barrel compatible only with darts whose heads are smaller in diameter than their foam bodies
– Brass pusher and barrel
– 14″ brass barrel

– 17/32″ Brass barrel with installed 9/16″ brass receiver

** Works best with darts with heads smaller than their bodies (Worker, mengun, etc)

** Brass has a tight fit on darts. A breech designed for half length darts may not be able to shoot full length darts and visa-versa. The 9/16″ receiver will be shipped unglued to allow the user to temporary affix the receiver and adjust if needed depending on dart used.

** Brass breeches are fairly delicate and intricate. Product not intended for new users.

*** If you have your own printer, you can find the files to print here: Caliburn, Talon Claw


Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 1 × 1 in


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