The Bradley Phillips Caliburn Setup

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Pump-action, mag fed, customizable. This listing is exactly what Bradley Phillips ordered, with the exception of a few recent upgrades. Darts & magazines sold separately.

Shown as Black
Shown as Purple
Barrel Shroud
Adjustable Stock (+$15.00)
Coupler Inserts
Grip Insert (+$0.00)
Knuckle Duster (+$9.00)
Iron Sights (+$4.00)
Rail Riser (+$10.00)
Suppressor SCAR (+$15.00)
Lower Stock Spacer
Custom Magwell Text (+$10.00)
Rubber Grip Sleeve (+$10.00)
Aluminum Trigger (+$15.00)
Aluminum Sear
Doom (+$20.00)
RMAX (+$20.00)
Stampede (+$40.00)
Product total
Options total
Grand total


This listing is for the Bradly Phillips Caliburn. The Threaded Rod Version.. Simply select “Add to Cart” to order a Caliburn just like the one in the video. For the C4 Caliburn, see this listing here.

ELITE Caliburn – specs
– Compatible with full-length nerf darts, Nerf magazines, knock-off brand magazines, and most magwell adapters.
– More information on this here: Caliburn Dart & Magazine Compatibility

Talon/Katana Variant
– Katana/Talon variant available for use with Katana and Talon magazines by Jet and Worker respectively.
– Also compatible with most 3D printed Katana and Talon style magazines
– Color configurator:

If you’d prefer to create your own setup, please see the original Caliburn listing here.



Why the two springs?

The second spring is mostly for those who want a second spring to be able to swap them out for a variable FPS performance. On the other hand, the K31 can be stacked with the K25 to use at the same time in your blaster. The spring rating of the two combined with this setup is around 270-300FPS.

Are the sights included on this build as seen on Bradley Phillip’s Caliburn?  

Nope. This Caliburn doesn’t include any sights. You’ll have to find one that works for you.

What upgrades can I expect on my Caliburn that aren’t seen on Bradley Phillip’s? 

Just the aluminum ramcore and its two upgrades— the Vanguard cut (allows you to remove the mag with the breech closed) and the o-ring notch (creates an air seal comparable to a brass ramcore).

The aluminum ramcore is also much more durable than brass, and generally a better option for nerfers who aren’t used to brass but want the same performance. 

Special thanks to Captainslug for the Caliburn design. Design used with his permission.

300fps 300+fps over 300fps 300 fps

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

14 reviews for The Bradley Phillips Caliburn Setup

  1. Ali

    This gun nerf looks like a sniper and it does its work like a sniper thank frontline foam

  2. TOM

    man i dont know what to say its my best gun from my collection

  3. max

    love everything in this nerf shot people for 100 feet away.

  4. phillips

    WOW very nice got this quick and bery nice and everything is fine

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