Dessert Pigeon – Mk8


Assembled and tested semi-automatic, short dart blaster by MHPArms. Lipo-powered. Darts, magazines and battery sold separately.

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Optionally order mags with this blaster
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– Listing is for a preassembled and completely ready-to-fire blaster (darts, battery, and magazine sold separately)
– 90-120 FPS performance
– Compatible with most half length darts that are soft tipped. Acc and worker work best.
– Tool-less disassembly
– Quickly top-load by engaging the slide lock
– Geared slide “blows back” when trigger is pulled. Toggle-able via switch
– Ambidextrous mag release and slide lock controls
– Single switch semi automatic action. Half trigger pull revs, full pull fires.
– Slide lock, blowback engage lever, mag release, tip of barrel and trigger orange by defualt
– Primary color applies to slide, handle scales, and TaxBox
– Secondary color applies to frame, internals, accents, and sights
– Battery tray accessible from front

Battery & Charger
– 3s 1300mAh 45-90c LiPO (XT-60 connector)
– Battery Charger – iMAX B6 Lipo Battery Charger
– Accepts most 3s Lipo batteries from 1000mAh to 1500mAh size.

Pigeon Pecker Mags (recommended)
– Nerf Worker Talon Magazine
– Nerf Thanhlon Talon Mags

– Worker Short Darts 50-pack
-Worker Gen3 Darts 200-pack

Motor Setup:
– Powered by Flywheel the Wheel miniwheels, Honeybadger motors or Merlin Motors.
– Merlin motors have a similar performance to Honeybadgers, except that they spin up faster, and are able to sustain a longer rev without heating up. Merlins are less likely to burn out if a jam occurs.

Dropleg Sidearm Holster

*Darts, Mags and Battery sold separately

Sold with permission. Original design by MHPArms. A percentage of all sales of this item will go to MHPArms.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1.5 in


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