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– 3s LIPO powered (battery sold separately)
– Battery stored in top, above handle accessible by unscrewing two thumbscrews
– Top LCD screen for user interface with control knob
– Adjustable power, rate of fire, motor braking, and more
– Select fire with full, semi, burst, and 2 round burst modes
– Programmable with custom preset settings
– Magazine release paddle located near handle for quick access
– Sling loop located at bottom of handle
– Nerf stock mount accepts most Nerf and aftermarket stock attachments
– Includes top picatinny rail
– Recommended Adventure Force short darts

– For colorways other than just the primary and secondary, place your order, then email a picture or link to customrequests@frontlinefoam.com

-Primary color applies to mag gripper, top covers, handle panels, and stock attachment point.
-Secondary color applies to magwell, control knob, mag releases, trigger, picatinny rail, barrel, side panels, and middle handle piece.
Muzzle is orange by default.

Recommended Setup:
-Short dart nose (half darts are more accurate, more durable, and cheaper overall. Full-length darts tend to fishtail through the air and don’t fly straight. Half darts are more accurate, more durable, and cheaper overall.
Adventure Force Darts
Worker Mags

Sold with permission. A percentage of all sales of this listing will go to Project FDL.

Additional information

Weight 2.375 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 3 in

3 reviews for FDL-3 Assembled

  1. minelub1209

    AWESOME! It shoots 70 feet! And it’s 78 fps average! I tried it out in a war and took out a guy with a jolt before getting busted by a triad! Love it! Won’t be buying more!

  2. npc0017 (verified owner)

    It’s an FDL! What more is there to say? The print quality is good and the wiring work is impeccable. I’ve never had a blaster quite like this. I will never need another flywheeler as long as I’m playing. Thank you Derrik for the amazing blaster

  3. Kurt Thompson (verified owner)

    Build time was about 3 weeks, super good communication in the process. They answered a few questions I had about battery sizes promptly. They even held my order a few weeks while I was on vacation.

    Blaster performs like a champ! The build and print quality are superb and you can tell they take pride in their builds and that it was thoroughly tested prior to shipping.

    Derrickk and his team are great to work with and know what they are talking about! I highly recommend them.

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