XC – Foam Knight

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First ever multi-dart blaster. Compatible with rival, mega, half-length and full-length darts.

Pictured as Black
Pictured as Purple


– Compatible with rival, half-darts, full-length darts, and mega
– Sleek, sci-fi feel
– Easy take-down
– Quick access spring swap system
– Adjustable stock
– 130-190FPS depending on dart type and setup
– Includes 1 Full Knight Blaster, 1 Rival magwell, 1 Elite magwell, 1 Rival Barrel, 1 Mega Barrel, 1 Elite barrel.
– Default spring is the K26

DARTS & MAGS – Short answer, yes 🙂

Half-Length Darts
Worker Talon Mags

Standard Mega Darts
Mega Mags

Standard Rival Rounds
Standard Rival Mags

Standard Full-Length Darts
Standard Full-Length Mags


Default spring is a K26

Other spring options:



Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 4 in

4 reviews for XC – Foam Knight

  1. Thomas

    Was given to me as a Christmas gift. Performs very well with a wide variety of ammo types. Had a problem where I was an idiot and put the Rival ramcore in the wrong way and broke it. Support was very quick and helpful in assisting me and sent me a new ramcore. Highly recommend the blaster and Frontline Foam as a whole.

  2. Chiang Pak Man

    I received the parts promptly, and I appreciate your responsiveness and customer service.

    Overall, the quality and performance of the Nerf blaster is superb, and Frontline Foam has created an incredibly engaging and enjoyable product. However, there are a couple of areas that could benefit from minor improvements to further enhance the customer experience.

    Specifically, I noticed that the spring in the rear plunger assembly does not always compress and rebound in an entirely smooth fashion. The addition of a simple spring guide rod could help ensure consistently smooth operation of the plunger. Additionally, the front and rear sight pieces on the blaster are not perfectly aligned, which can impact aiming accuracy. Aligning these sight pieces or providing an adjustment mechanism for sight alignment would be a helpful upgrade.

    Beyond these suggestions, the construction and performance of the Nerf blaster is exceptional. The level of power and range, the satisfying firing and reloading action, and the overall tactile experience of using the blaster are remarkable. I sincerely appreciate your team’s efforts in developing such an innovative and engaging product.

    I look forward to continuing to enjoy this blaster and supporting future advances from Frontline Foam.

  3. Abie Morales (verified owner)

    The XC blaster that the folks at Frontline Foam made for me was top notch. The customer service from these folks is second to none. They are the best at taking care of their customers and going that extra mile. They have earned my respect and I’m looking forward to purchasing more of their awesome foam flinging blasters. Rock On Frontline Foam! 🙂

  4. Void

    Can i put a k26 in it

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