HC Diana Brushless Pistol

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The Diana is a brushless, compact, mid-power pistol with semi, burst, and full-auto modes. Superfast spin-up time and very quiet.

The Diana is not fully ready for large import into the US yet, but we’ve been able to arrange a small test batch to gauge the market.


– Nice textured Nylon injection molded grip
– Real-steel shape and size grip
– Mag-in-handle design
– Built-in heat insert screw ports in top, front, bottom, and grip for RMR sight and other add-ons (sold separately)
– Back-lit front iron sight post
– Very compact pistol size

– ~140 FPS
– ~900 RPM full-auto (15 darts per second)
– Super fast rev up on “Hyper” or “Idle” mode
– Low voltage protection for both 3s and 4s batteries

Fire Modes
– Semi, Full, and 2 or 3 Round Burst
– Idle or Standard mode to keep motors on stand by for fast response or standard rev when trigger is pulled
– When left on for 10 minutes, blaster will beep to alert user. Reset timer by removing battery or pulling the trigger

– Works best with NON-Waffle head style darts such as Worker Gen3+ (High End)
– Works with only proprietary Diana magazines. But can work with Worker Nightingale Magazines with slight modification to mag.
– Does not fit slim holsters, but does fit adjustable holsters like our standard dropleg one: Dropleg Sidearm Holster
– Designed for 4s Lipo such as the 650mAh we sell, but also works with 3s such as the 450mAh we sell.
– Blaster has an XT30 connection

– Diana blaster
– 1x 10-round Diana magazine
– Battery sold separately

Program Semi into Burst mode:
1. Unplug Battery
2. Slide Left-Side Button forward and Right-Side Button into either forward, middle, or rear position for single, double and triple shot mode respectively
3. Hold down Trigger
4. Plug in battery. Blaster should chime and LED will be solid.
5. Release Trigger. LED should first flash, chime, and then LED should be solid.

You’ll be able to program the Right Side Switch to toggle through the following modes:
Safe, Semi Auto, and Full Auto or
Safe, 2-Round Burst, and Full Auto or
Safe, 3-Round Burst, and Full Auto.

To Modify a Worker Nightingale Magazine to fit the Diana:
– Measure 31mm from the top of the highest point of the magazine body on the right front side of the magazine and cut a notch approximately 1/8″ wide below that mark.


Additional information

Weight 1.375 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 8.5 × 2.75 in

White Frame / Teal Slide, White Frame / Pink Slide

4 reviews for HC Diana Brushless Pistol

  1. burtonjay (verified owner)

    Lady Di is and excellent pistol blaster. It’s such a nice feel in the hand and very quiet for a flywheel. Lots of fun and extremely accurate.

  2. Christian (verified owner)

    This blaster is so fun. My one wish is that it has a master off switch. I hope we see more from HC in the future as I would love to see them do a primary size brushless blaster. 2 round burst is so much fun. Hot shot mode makes this thing so good. It’s fast, snappy, and quiet for a flywheeler. The perfect storm of awesomeness

  3. T. Tran (verified owner)

    I love it. It feels great in my hand and shooting it is an experience. Also very simple to power up and start shooting so I’m very happy with the product.

  4. Jason Bruno (verified owner)

    Got my diana …. and LOVE it! Such a awesome little blaster!! I’ve collected nerf for over 15 years… and been modding for well over 10… and this is my FAVORITE blaster! Thanks so much for the great price, and quick delivery! You guys have earned my business. 🙂

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