HPA U Talon Claw Printed Parts Kit


All of the printed parts needed to build an HPA powered U Talon Claw. Hardware sold separately.

Applies to Magwell and Grip.
Applies to Rearcap, Trigger, Magrelease, Magfront


– Listing is for all of the 3D printed parts needed to assembled a High Pressure Airtank (HPA) powered U Talon Claw blaster
– Hardware sold separately.

– Powered by a v3.2 Supercore by Spectre
– Performance adjustable based on regulator PSI setting. Power can be adjusted from 140 to 300 FPS
– Get consistent power in each shot. Electropneumatic solenoid powered by 3s Lipo battery makes airflow consistent and controlled as compared to Pneumatic triggers
– Longer and tighter barrels can be selected to achieve higher FPS

Fire Control:
– Supercore uses British Standard Pipe threading on the air inlet, but rest of the entire build is assembled with standard pipe fittings (1/8 NPT thread and 1/4″ airline)
– Trigger activates a switch which powers the solenoid, loading the dart and charging the chamber. Releasing the trigger fires the dart and resets the pusher.
– Wolverine and Empire regulators offered based on customer preference. I recommend the Wolverine Storm regulator, although the Empire regulator allows for more fine tuned control but requires additional fittings.

Loading Capabilties
– Gravity drop magwell
– Compatible with Talon style magazines and short length darts only
– Barrel adapter accepts “JET” threaded barrels. Barrels offered with this blaster include the appropriate thread for installation and a 2 degree entrance angle for smooth feed

Form Factor:
– Airtank installed onto blaster doubles as stock
– Primary color applies to nameplates, magback, grip, kiri
– Secondary color applies to frontbutt, rearplate, mag release, and trigger
– 18″ overall length with 6” barrel. Without barrel: 14.25″
– Turn the blaster on and off by flipping the powerswitch at the rear of the blaster to preserve battery life and clear the blaster of residual air
– Regulator accepts most common paintball and airsoft HPA tanks with output around 800psi.

– Blaster requires use of regulator and an air source. These can be sourced from airsoft and paintball shops pretty readily. We recommend Wolverine Storm Regulators for their price and availability or Empire Regulators for their quality. If you have special requests or needs, contact us and we can see what we can do.

** Warning, high pressure air systems are inherently dangerous and should only be attempted by those confident with such systems. Frontline Foam is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by user error.



Original Caliburn and U Talon Claw design by captainslug released as public domain. Talon Claw and HPA U Talon Claw design by aasamba also released as public domain. Used under proper license.


Additional information

Weight 1.8125 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 2 in


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