Kirin – Bolt Action

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High powered, injection molded, shell ejecting, spring powered, bolt-action, blaster.

These are extra shells. 20 shells are already included by default.
These are extra mags. 2 mags are already included by default. Teal includes 1 Clear and Orange Mag White includes 1 Clear and Smoke Mag
Teal comes with a Clear and Orange Mag White comes with a Clear and Smoke Mag
Box of Gen3+ Darts (+$16.00)
2-Point Sling (+$15.00)
Bipod (+$27.00)


The Kirin is a bolt-action blaster that features ejecting shells, detachable magazines, and ambidextrous options. Designed by Shellingtonlabs and Heath Heil, this is currently the most powerful and competitive blaster shell ejecting blaster in the world. This is huge milestone, as it’s also the first blaster designed, made, and sourced by the community into an injection molded design with the company Phantom Tech.

– Shoots between 130 FPS and 260 FPS using the 3 included springs
– Uses a 7 round detachable magazine that can be removed with a button/lever-styled hybrid magazine release
– Dominant hand operation can be easily swapped with just 3 takedown pins, from right handed operation to left-handed operation
– In the event of a shell jam, blaster can be cleared easily by removing the magazine and cycling its action; conventional dart barrel jams are nearly impossible with this style of blaster
– Compatible with Caliburn style springs including Turf Pro25 and Pro26 springs (K26/Pro26 gets 300 FPS!) cut to 9-3/4″
– Plenty of rails and Mlok for attachments

The base configuration comes packed with the following items:
– 1 Kirin Bolt Action Blaster
– 3 Different Strengths of Main Spring
– 2 Standard Capacity Magazines
– 20 Shells
– 10 Half length darts

The White Kirin comes boxed with a Clear and a Smoke Magazine
The Teal Kirin comes boxed with a Clear and an orange Magazine

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 5 in

White, Teal, Pink

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    Amazing! Its really powerful and works well

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