Kirin Angled Talon Compatibility Kit

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Convert your Kirin to use Angled Talon Mags.

Mags sold separately.

Available on backorder


The Kirin is a sweet shell ejecting blaster, but with this kit, now it can be a dope non-shell ejecting blaster too.

– 140fps and 300fps
– Compatible with Worker Angled Talon Magazines

Listing Includes:
– 1 Kirin Talon Pusher
– 1 Kirin Mag Adapter

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 in

1 review for Kirin Angled Talon Compatibility Kit

  1. Ross (verified owner)

    The Kirin blaster out of box was already a very good. The shell ejecting function and performance was what made the Kirin appealing. However, the shell ejecting part, although very fun to use, is not very practical in the field. You must worry about picking your shells up, reloading your shells over and over, and still occasionally deal with the shell jamming inside of the ejector. Although, it happened very few times, it still happened enough to bother me.

    That’s where the talon conversion kit comes in. The talon conversion kit removes the shell ejecting function and allows the Kirin to use angled talon mags. The Kirin will still maintain its consistent performance, but become more practical. It will also become more durable and handle stronger spring loads, as the pusher section changes from plastic to metal. To install the kit, you must take apart your blaster and insert some pieces (The mag adapter and the breech). Then, you must assemble the bolt and put into the blaster replacing the older one. When all those parts are inside, you now have the Kirin converted to angled talon mags.

    This kit is good and does what it should. But, there is one thing that you may need to look at. It is the mag adapter. While cycling through rounds, I noticed that the pusher would be between darts rather than behind a single dart. This misalignment I noticed is created from two things. The darts inside the angled mag are not angled properly, and the mag adapter has a little bit of play allowing the mag to move around to either be too high up on the pusher, or be misaligned in a different angle from the pusher. The user can remedy the situation by loading the darts in the magazines and make sure they are angled, and load the magazine into the magwell and pull downward to align the mag properly with the pusher. This is the only problem that happens, but with knowledgeable and carefulness the user can fix the only issue with the kit.

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